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Week 6
(Final Week)

The Salvation of the City
Monday: Go

God sends us to this city with a message of hope. Ask God to empower you with boldness and creativity to "go" out to the lost, instead of waiting for them to come to you. Pray that you and all God's people would be willing to go to anyone and everyone, not second-guessing who the Lord may be calling. 

Tuesday: Proclaim

Right now, throughout NYC, the gospel is being proclaimed in many and various ways: through one-to-one Bible reading, preaching, gospel tracts, evangelistic courses, videos, social media, blogs...

Pray that whatever the medium, the message would be faithful. Pray for specific friends, colleagues or neighbors that God has laid on your heart, and ask for an opportunity to tell them about Christ this week.

Wednesday: Obey

Secularisation puts pressure on Christians to keep our faith private. Pray that the church would obey God, rather than culture, in this area and continue to witness to the lost. 

Thursday: Believe

Cry out to God for the Spirit to cause a wide-scale movement of repentance and faith across NYC. Throughout history, cities haver been the setting for dramatic spiritual revivals. Give thanks for the way God has worked here in the past, and pray persistently for him to do so again in the future. 

Friday: Turn

Praise God that he is slow to anger and quick to forgive. Give thanks for your own salvation and ask God to make you joyful for it. Pray that a right fear of judgment would come across NYC and lead people to turn to Christ for forgiveness.

Week 5

Monday: The God of Creativity

We worship a God of creativity, beauty and innovation. All good things flow from him-so praise him for the architecture, music, art, writing and films that enrich your life. Pray that artists and creatives in NYC would be passionate about doing art for God’s glory!

Tuesday: Art From the Church

NYC has so many creatives who have already been redeemed by the blood of Jesus and serving in local churches! Today pray specifically for them, that their art would be informed by scripture and that they would be gracious in all they do.

Wednesday: Gifts of Creativity

Pray that Christians who are creatively gifted by God would be thankful to him for their abilities, but not defined by them. Pray that their countercultural witness and world view would lead more and more people from the creative industries to recognize the beauty of Christ. 

Thursday: Art For the Church

There are many creatives in our local church at Hope Community! Pray for particular creatives whom God has blessed us with. Pray they would serve with joy and wisdom and pray God would send more!

Friday: Individual Creatives

Today as you are out, do a little prayer walking. Take notice of each creative thing you pass by. Street art, advertisements, musicians, buildings, movie sets, etc... Take a little time to pray for the individuals who worked on those specific projects. 

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