Week 4

Monday: Busyness in the City

It's difficult to find parking in this city, but as you know, the weekends tend to make for pretty easy parking. Why? Because thousands escape the busyness of the city every weekend. From weekend getaways to new experiences, so much of our culture's pursuit of leisure is really a misplaced desire for the perfect rest that is ultimately only promised through Jesus. Pray today that those who are so desperately seeking rest, will find true rest in Christ. 

Tuesday: Sundays in the City

In the creation story, God included a day of rest as an example for us. In scripture we see Him fill that day of rest with worship. Many times because of the busyness of life in NYC there is a temptation to be convinced that a park day would be more valuable and restful for our soul than worshiping together as the body of Christ. You'll hear phrases like, "my church is the park." Pray today thanking God for establishing the church as a way of rest and recharge. Pray that others will come and experience it. 

Wednesday: Rest in the City

Today we turn inward. You are no doubt busy juggling so many things in life. Pray that you would have a good pattern of work and rest in your life. Pray for wisdom about how much work you should do, and for guidance on what to say yes and no to. 

Thursday: Witness in the City

There are so many ways we can spend our leisure time in the city. Hobbies, kids' events, exploring, and working out can be awesome contexts for sharing our lives and our faith as people relax and open up. Pray for three people you spend regular leisure time with who do not know Christ. Pray for opportunities to show them how the yoke of Christ is easy and his burden is light

Friday: Leisure in the City

God's word says in 1 Corinthians 1:31 that, "whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, do it all for the glory of God." So many times when we consider taking a "rest" day we treat it as if it's something that belongs to us. The truth is, even our rest days belong to the Lord for His glory. God doesn't give us "throw away" days. He does give us rest, but pray that you, and every Christian, would use all your time in a way that honors Him.

Week 3

Monday: The Blessing of Work

God uses work in a variety of ways: to provide for our needs, provide relationships, and it can hopefully help give us a sense fo fulfillment. Unfortunately, many in our city have experienced joblessness over the past year. Today, pray for those who are still in need of a job and for the blessing of God's provision through work.

Tuesday: The Call of Work

Through work, God calls us to be a part of his plan. From sweeping floors to performing surgery, from teaching young children to trading stocks. Give thanks for the dignity that this gives to your work, however mundane or frustrating you may find it. Pray that those who follow Christ in your city would increasingly worship God through their work, and not worship their work as god.

Wednesday: The Care of Work

One of the responsibilities God gave humanity is to work the land and take care of it. NYC takes pride in their efforts to care for the earth. One awesome way we can care for and meet people is joining them in their efforts to do what God created all of us do to! Pray about where you can possibly serve and for God to use it as common ground to open up gospel conversations. 

Thursday: The Hardship of Work

Everyone exprereiences hardships and frustrations at work. How we handle those as believers is indicative of the hope that is within us. Pray asking God to help you handle frustrations in a way that glorifies him and speaks the gospel to others around you. Also pray for your co-workers and their possible frustrations. Pray God will provide you as a listening ear. 

Friday: The Opportunities of Work

Pray for believers at their respective jobs in NYC. It's amazing to think about how God purposefully plants believers in specific jobs all over this city. Pray believers would be gracious and bold in the work place. Pray they would lead exemplary lives for the gospel and pray for their efforts to bear much fruit.